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Fractured by Ellen Cross is the third book in the Preternatural Rescue Centre series.  While one can read this book without reading the first two it is not recommended.  Reading this book in conjunction with the first two gives a much richer appreciation for the story and characters, especially when dealing with the secondary characters.  There is a richness of understanding when one reads the books within the series in the order written.  Fractured was emotionally charged and the two main characters were actually both damaged but their relationship was healing for them both.  This is a story with a rich back story and the characters definitely benefit from the history behind them.

Davis is a warrior.  He is a guardian who will leap into whatever battle comes before him.  Davis bears the scars of his many battles with the shadowkin and his fellow guardians have dubbed him supercat for his ability to survive scars that would have otherwise laid him out.  During a particularly fierce battle he rescues Rowan.  Rowan turns out to be his fated mate.  The one person meant for him.  Unfortunately, Rowan is severely malnourished and his body is littered with …

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