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There are some books that find a way to wiggle into the hearts of the readers. Rescued is one of those books. The characters are engaging and passionate but each one has their own personal battles that they are struggling with. It is interesting to watch the journey the two main characters embark upon in order to find their own sense of happiness. As with any story there are the ups and downs, the fights, the misunderstandings and the drama but it is the tender moments and the passion that make this a memorable story. Here are two characters that perhaps should not work as a couple and yet it is their desires and hopes, that make it truly work.

Ryder Daniels has had a bad year. First his parents push him away after refusing to accept that he is gay and then his partner decides he loves drugs more than he loves Ryder. His only real happiness comes from the love he has for his brother and the pit bull he rescued. When his mother’s disgust for his sexuality cut him off from his brother, he turns to his work at the Pit Bull …

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