50 Shades MOVIE

Updated Sept 5, 2014

As with everything in Hollywood, stuff changes. We have new actors, a new release date, and hold on to your socks, ladies & gents, a 50 shades movie trailer! Don’t say I didn’t warn you, and if you’re at work…this might not be safe to watch there.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson star in it.

Have you heard the news? 50 Shades, the movie, has a director and a release date.

Here’s what we know:

Sam Taylor-Johnson will direct.

The script was written by Kelly Marcel.

And it’s set to hit theaters August 1, 2014.  February 14, 2015.


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Review: Accepting the Alpha by JJ Black

Elijah Steele left his own pack when staying there would go against his own ideas of right and wrong. Now with out a pack, his friend invited him to visit the Grand Rapids Pack. He could meet the alpha and ask to join.

Kellen, Alpha of the Grand Rapids Pack, is surprised when he meets the prospective pack member. He had never hoped to find his mate and he is seeking him.  It could be a problem that Eli is not gay, but Kellen is sure he can overcome that small detail. Then Eli receives an unexpected call which could mean a threat to all shifter. Even though he is straggling with his feelings for Kellen, Eli knows that only together can they fight this evil and win.

With Accepting the Alpha, JJ Black starts an exciting new series, Great Lakes Wolves. It starts off with a bang. Eli always considered himself. Kellen knew Eli was his mate and did not care what Eli thought. He knew he could convince him. But trouble is brewing and Kellen will need to work fast if he wants to save his mate and convince him he is the man for him. Watching these two interact made the reading exciting and fun. The plot adds danger and the unknown giving the story tension and menace. Exciting stuff and not to be missed. Accepting the Alpha by JJ Black.

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Review: Dead Men Tell Tales by Antonio

Mason Kincaid is adjusting to life without his long time partner when he receives a call from his sister asking for him to come to New Eden and rescue not only her but also her two infant sons and her stepson.

Mason travels to New Eden but know he will not be easy to wrestle his sister from her abusive boyfriend. Deciding to stay at an adult hotel should keep his presence a secret for now. The madam of the hotel agrees to allow the children there for a price. After being groped by the resident ghost and dealing with violent johns, Mason is sure the rest of his mission will be a piece of cake. Then he meets Officer Ken Cannon and all bets are off.

Bodies are piling up; ghosts have stories to tell; a teenager has a crush on Mason; and he inherits the hotel which the ghost had owned. Romance takes a back seat to staying alive when someone wants to kill to gain the hotel.

Dead Men Tell takes was very intriguing in so many ways. Mason was a good guy but he had some inconsistencies that made him endearing. Sex was everywhere, especially considering he was staying in an adult hotel. Even the ghost got into the action. Mason was not the only hero in the book. Quite a few characters are featured in Dead Men tell Tales. Each person was portrayed as human with all the failings and also all the dreams. Through Mason many came to realize some of those dreams.

While the dead men do tell some tales, This tells us to accept ourselves and each other for who we are. We all have something to offer and we just need to look. Enjoy something a bit different? Check out Dead Men Tell tales by Antonio. Enjoy an exciting romp with ghosts and the living.

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Review: Submission in Paradise by Claire Thompson

All work and no play can lead to burn out as Shea Devon’s boss tells her. She gifts Shea with a week at Paradise Islands, where Shea can expect to be entertained with moonlit walks on the beach, candle light dinners and perhaps even some sweet loving. Unfortunately, there is a mix up in the paperwork and Shea is delivered to a very sexy but very stern BDSM Master.

Liam Jordan read the papers he was sent and thought he was following the script that Shea requested, including a game of reluctance. He soon has Shea subdued and under his control. After delivering an amazing spanking, Liam can’t wait to move on to even better activities. When he realizes the mistake, he backs off but both Shea and Liam are intrigued – Shea by the novelty and Liam by the possibilities. Shea decides she wants to learn more and Liam, thoroughly entranced, wants to be the one to bring out the barely tapped submissive potential he senses just under her surface.

Submission in Paradise was one very hot and very romantic story. When Liam agreed to help a friend, he never expected to meet someone so perfect. At the same time, Shea never expected to meet someone who would open a new world to her. Like a beautiful rose, Shea opened slowly for Liam until she fully bloomed under his care.

Submission in Paradise is perfect for the reader looking for excellent romance with the BDSM element. Any book written by Claire Thompson is a thing of beauty. The story will grow and grow until you cannot put it down. You are ensnared. Enjoy!!

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Review: Rescued by Felice Stevens

There are some books that find a way to wiggle into the hearts of the readers. Rescued is one of those books. The characters are engaging and passionate but each one has their own personal battles that they are struggling with. It is interesting to watch the journey the two main characters embark upon in order to find their own sense of happiness. As with any story there are the ups and downs, the fights, the misunderstandings and the drama but it is the tender moments and the passion that make this a memorable story. Here are two characters that perhaps should not work as a couple and yet it is their desires and hopes, that make it truly work.

Ryder Daniels has had a bad year. First his parents push him away after refusing to accept that he is gay and then his partner decides he loves drugs more than he loves Ryder. His only real happiness comes from the love he has for his brother and the pit bull he rescued. When his mother’s disgust for his sexuality cut him off from his brother, he turns to his work at the Pit Bull Rescue he and his friends started in an effort to forget his personal life. Jason Mallory is unhappy. He is in an unsatisfying relationship with a longtime girlfriend who wants more than he is willing to give. As he ends his relationship the only thing he feels is relief. When his construction crew comes across abandoned pit bulls in a building they are working for, the rescue they call leads him to meet Ryder. When Jason ends up adopting one of the rescues, he and Ryder become friends. The more time they spend together however the more Jason realizes he wants more than a friendship with Ryder, he wants everything.

One can not help but fall in love with Ryder and Jason. They are honest and open from the very beginning and the love they feel for their family, their friends, their dogs and eventually each other makes reading this story an amazing journey. Every facet of this story is well executed and beautifully depicted. I found myself looking forward to each page. Rescued is truly a beautiful story and a must read.


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Review: The Jockstrap Murder by Vincent Lardo

While attending a party given by the Vice President, Mike Gavin, a syndicated columnist, is approached by a young reporter, Matthew Bokowski. Matthew asks Mike for some advice. He has a story that could be as scandalous as Watergate and he wants to know how to handle it. He refuses to tell what the scandal is and Mike brushes him off, giving him the usual advice.

Several months later, Matthew Bokowski is found murdered in the apartment of supermodel Johnny Jones. The murder weapon is rather unusual – a jockstrap. Determined to solve the mystery surrounding his murder, Mike teams up with his boyfriend, tennis pro, Jack Montgomery. Along with tease Lieutenant James Rocco, the three follow a trail that leads from Washington D.C. to New York and involves a senator, his son and his son’s lover. Along the way, Mike makes a play for Rocco with disastrous consequences.

Vincent Lardo carefully unwraps his plot in The Jockstrap Murder. Little pieces fall in to place gradually and we are kept guessing until the very end. Mike was an intriguing hero but not a traditional one. He comes with many faults but for so reason you cannot help but route for him to win. Does he solve the murder? And what is the cost?

Enjoy a great mystery? How about adding in some heat and more than a few surprises and twists? The Jockstrap Murder by Vincent Lardo is perfect for you. Reading until the wee hours of the morning makes it even better.

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Review: Cat Style (Stray Cats) by Megan Slayer

Walking by Hildegard’s house, Penelope cannot seem to resist stopping to admire the kittens. Before she knows it, she has fallen in love with one of the kittens and takes him home. Her heart isn’t the only thing that falls when she realizes her beloved kitty is so much more and she will need to protect her shape shifting cat from the evils that pursue him.

The shape shifting twist is quite intriguing and makes it worth reading. There is a touch of humor as the magic comes to life. Fun to read with that little extra touch. Cat Style by Megan Slayer is perfect for when you have a few moments and want to read the whole thing at once.

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Pocket Star-E Nights presents: TEMPT ME ETERNALLY by Gena Showalter, Excerpt and Give Away

Star-E-Nights-Banner - graphic
Once again Pocket Star-E Nights presents an exceptional Excerpt and Give Away.  This week, TEMPT ME ETERNALLY by Gena Showalter is highlighted.  Read the excerpt and leave a comment for a chance to win your own e-copy.  Five winners will be chosen randomly on Monday, September 1st.
temptmeTEMPT ME ETERNALLY by Gena Showalter
The huntress becomes the hunted in this sizzling paranormal romance from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Gena Showalter, previously published as part of the Deep Kiss of Winter anthology with #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole, now available as a stand-alone ebook!With only skin-to-skin contact, Aleaha Love can change her appearance, assuming any identity. As an AIR (Alien Investigation and Removal) agent, her newest mission is to capture a group of otherworldly warriors. So imagine her surprise when the hunter becomes the hunted, and she’s taken captive by dangerously seductive Breean, a golden-skinned, iron-willed commander, who threatens everything Aleaha stands for—and makes her want to be only herself, for the first time in her life.

They were coming.
Warriors unlike any other. Monsters of unimaginable power. Otherworlders. Fierce creatures with the ability to look inside your soul, glimpse your greatest fear, and present it to you with an unrepentant smile.
Should’ve stayed home, Aleaha Love thought. ’Cause we’re gonna get spankedHardAnd not in a good way. Instead, she’d answered her cell and her captain’s call to action, and now found herself crouched in the middle of a gnarled forest, staring into a snow-laden clearing, moonlight shooting bright amber rays in every direction as flakes wafted in the breeze like fairy dust.
Though she wore white from head to toe, had a pyre-gun stretched forward, and was burrowed in a drift as cover, she felt exposed. Vulnerable. And yeah, damn cold.
What in the hell did I get myself into?
“Everyone in position?” a voice whispered from her headset.
A whisper, yeah, but it startled her. She managed to cut off a yelp, but couldn’t stop tremors from sweeping through her. Steady. She’d never hear the end of it if she accidentally fired her weapon before the fight had even begun.
“Premature weapon ejaculation,” they’d say with a chuckle, and she wouldn’t be able to deny it.
One by one, twenty teammates uttered their assent. They had wicked cool nicknames like Hawk Eye and Ghost. Her turn, she said, “Lollipop, in place.”
She rolled her eyes. “Dress her up and watch her play bad alien, delicious cop,” the boys had laughed before giving her the stupid moniker her first day on the job. “Naughty lawbreakers will want to taste her, not outrun her.”
That had been, what? Five weeks ago, she realized with a jolt. Oh, how life had changed since then. From hiding in the shadows, afraid of what she was, to working cases with New Chicago’s elite team of smart-asses, content with her somewhat pampered existence. A pampered existence she didn’t deserve and hadn’t earned, but whatever. No guilt for her. Really.
“Need someone to snuggle against, Lolli?” a quiet, amused male voice asked. Devyn, supposedly a king of some sort and a self-proclaimed collector of women. He wasn’t really a member of Alien Investigation and Removal but was a special contractor, as well as the man who’d once wired her gun to blow bubbles rather than fire at target practice.
Word on the street, he was more powerful than God and deadlier than the devil, though no one would tell her outright what he could do. He was an otherworlder, that much she knew. That, and most of AIR’s flunkies kept their distance from him. They feared him, which only heightened Aleaha’s need to keep her own secrets.
She, too, was different.
She didn’t know whether she was human or alien. Or both. She didn’t know whether there were others like her or not. She didn’t know who her parents were or why they’d abandoned her on the dirty streets of the Southern District—a.k.a Whore’s Corner—of New Chicago, and she didn’t care. Not anymore. All she knew was that she could assume anyone’s identity with only a touch. That person’s face became hers; their height became hers; their body became hers.
For years, she’d lived in fear of being found out, of being hunted and tortured for her unnatural ability, afraid that everyone who looked at her saw the truth and knew she wasn’t who she claimed to be. But she couldn’t drop the mask. As herself, she was wanted for theft, assault against a police officer, and more theft. And then maybe kinda sorta murder. Not that she was culpable. He’d deserved it.
She’d rather lose a limb than spend any more time in jail.
Her fear of discovery was waning, though, and she was settling comfortably into her newest life as Macy Briggs. Maybe one day I’ll even be worthy of it. Again, not that she felt guilty. Really.
But with Christmas only a few weeks away . . . ugh. Worst. Holiday. Ever. Her “friends” would bake Macy’s favorite foods, not Aleaha’s. They would give her gifts meant for Macy, and reminisce fondly about good ole days she knew nothing about, and she would have to smile through every minute of it. And yeah, okay. Fine. Then she would feel guilty.
“What, ignoring me?” Devyn said with another of those snarky laughs. “Wasn’t like I was going to ask to feel you up or anything. I mean, I was just gonna surprise you with my handsiness.”
God, she was on the job, yet she’d lost track of her thoughts. Mortifying. “Can you take nothing
“Hello, have you met me? I take making out very seriously.”
All the men on the line snorted in their attempts to muffle their laughter. They might be wary of him, but they couldn’t help but enjoy his perverted sense of humor.
“Fuck you, Chuckles,” she said, trying not to reveal her amusement. Irreverent bastard.
“Excellent. We’re on the same page, because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do to you.”
Give herself to Devyn? Not in this lifetime, and not because he wasn’t attractive. If anything, he was too attractive. Hell, he was total screw-like-ananimal perfection. Tall, with dark hair, wide amber eyes, and skin that glittered like a jewel; there was no one else like him. There was a recipe for his smile, though: wicked desire dipped in acid, wrapped in steel and sprinkled with candy. The recipe for his laughter? Well, that was wicked desire tossed in the gutter, wrung out in a whorehouse, and slathered with scented body lotion. Women threw themselves at him constantly, and he ate it up like they were his own personal smorgasbord.
They probably were. Thank God she wasn’t in the market for a boyfriend. Or, rather, a lover, since that’s all someone as fickle as Devyn could ever amount to. Macy—the real Macy—had been dating a piece of scum Aleaha was still trying to lose and she didn’t have the time or patience to throw anyone else into the mix.
“Temper, temper,” Jaxon Tremain chided. He was one of two agents who hung out with the sexy otherworlder, and the resident smoother. There was something unnaturally calming about his presence, as if he could slink inside a person’s psyche and wash away her fears. “Would you kiss me with that mouth?”
“Funny,” she said dryly.
She could hear the others chortling and snorting with more surprised amusement. Someone said,
“Soliciting kisses from women, Jaxon? Mishka will kill you for that.”
“If by kill you mean seduce, then yeah,” Jaxon replied. “You’re right.”
Mishka was Jaxon’s wife and a hired killer who possessed a robotic arm. Aleaha had only seen her once, but that had been enough to scare ten years off her life. Never had she seen eyes so cold or heard a voice so uncaring. Of course, the moment Mishka spied Jaxon, her entire demeanor had changed. So had Jaxon’s, for that matter. Usually he was as con- servative as a priest. One glance at Mishka, though, and he’d morphed into gutter man.
Aleaha had marveled at the change in him, a change she was witnessing once again. Empathetic as he was, perhaps he was veering onto the perverted track now to get her mind off the bloody massacre sure to begin. Apparently, though, she didn’t need help today. She couldn’t concentrate worth a damn. What was wrong with her?
“Well,” Devyn said, drawing the spotlight back to him. As always. “Be a good lollipop and answer the man. Will you kiss him or not?”
“I could give you a list of all the things I’ll never do to you with my mouth,” she muttered. “How ’bout that?”
Devyn laughed, and, yep. It was wicked desire. “She reminds me of Mia when she talks like that. Tell us, Lolli, is that list for everyone or just Jaxon?”
“All right, team,” Mia Snow herself interjected before Aleaha could reply. “Save it. You know I only want you to stun these men. Do not burn them. I repeat, do not burn them. An open wound will bleed and that will spread their infection. And believe me, I will kill every single one of you myself if that happens.”
There was a moment of frightening silence. Infection. What a delightful reminder. Not only were the warriors coming here vicious, there was a possibility that they were bringing the plague with them.
“Good,” Mia continued. “I’ve got your attention. Solar flare approaching in ten.” She was inside a van about a mile away, watching the action on a night- vision monitor with a handful of backup agents. “Nine.”
Aleaha tensed. A few months ago, a big case had busted wide open and AIR had learned that otherworlders were traveling to Earth through interworld wormholes that initiated with solar flares. Then, a few weeks after that, another case had come to light. Members of a race of aliens known as the Schön had descended, their bodies carriers of a virus that passed to humans through their blood and ejaculate. This virus turned men and women into cannibals. Their queen—or living host of this sickness—was on her way here, due to arrive in the near future.
Tonight, ten members of her horde were supposed to utilize one of those wormholes. Their purpose: to smooth the way for her. Which meant, destroying AIR.
Shit. The countdown. Despite the frigid temperatures, sweat beaded on Aleaha’s brow, dripping from the brim of the white cap she wore. Stay calm. You have to stay calm.
Though her résumé claimed she’d worked as a cop for more than two years, this was actually Aleaha’s first mission.
What seemed forever ago but had only been a few months, she’d stumbled upon the body of a woman who’d been raped and killed in a back alley—a woman she’d recognized as Miss New Chicago’s Finest in Uniform calendar girl, Macy Briggs.
She’d almost walked away. The higher the public profile, the more scrutiny she received. But . . .
Already tired of the adult-toy-store clerk identity she’d previously stolen, Aleaha had seized the chance to better herself, hiding the body and shifting so that she was an exact match to Macy’s appearance, thereby claiming the woman’s life as her own.
Only later had she learned that Macy had applied to AIR and been accepted. To back out would have looked suspicious and changing identities yet again hadn’t appealed. So she’d done it. She’d attended that first day, then the next. And the next. They’d watched her suspiciously, as if they knew the truth, but they had never accused her and she’d realized she was probably paranoid. Soon they’d even relaxed, accepting her as one of their own. Now, here she was, done with trials and on mission one.
“—was actually your warm-up,” Mia said, cutting into her thoughts. “Ten. Nine.”
Shit. She’d missed the end of the first countdown? She was practically begging to be killed tonight.
“Seven. Six.”
Oh, God. What if she did, in fact, die out here? What if she lost everything she’d worked so hard to gain? Her gun hand shook. You have to stay calm,damn it.
With bouts of extreme emotion, she shifted from one identity to another without any control. “Four. Remember, guns set to stun and only stun.”
Her pyre-gun was already dialed to the proper setting, so she curled her index finger around the trigger and swallowed the hard lump in her throat.Breathe in, breathe out. You do know how to fire a weapon, at least. A skill she’d learned from her only true friend, Bride McKells. A vampire, and her champion. They’d been separated more than a decade ago, chased apart by cops who’d caught them breaking into homes for food, and Aleaha hadn’t been able to find her since. She’d never stop looking, though.

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Review: Dinner at Home by Rick R. Reed

Not only should a book by entertaining and engaging but it should make you think.  Dinner at Home accomplishes all three of these things.  There is the perfect blend of humor and angst.  The characters are fascinating in their differences but the way their relationship builds gives you a sense of reality that makes you believe this is a real life couple.  This novel is truly amazing.

Ollie D’Angelo has lost everything all within a few days, first his partner and home and then his job.  Instead of letting these things defeat him, Ollie decides now is the time to follow his passion.  Once he finds a new home, he starts a new cooking business called Dinner at Home, a catering company that cooks people meals for home.  One night he finds Hank Mellinger breaking into his car.  Hank is what one might consider a hood  but Ollie finds out that Hank is actually hungry and desperately trying to take care of his four year old niece.  Ollie can not turn away someone so in need and he ends up hiring Hank to help him with his new business.  As the two men get to know each other and work together, feelings start to build and they find that they both have true talent in the kitchen.

All I needed to see to want to read this book was that it was written by Rick R. Reed.  Mr. Reed never disappoints in his writing and I always find myself going from happy and laughing to emotional.  If there was ever an author that I would recommend to new to the genre readers, Mr. Reed is the one.  I have never once read a book from this author that I disliked and Dinner at Home is another winner.  Dinner at Home was wonderfully written and kept me engaged and happily entertained.

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