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In the winter of 1891, Inspector Philemon Raft returns from a forced leave of absence and is assigned the task of solving the kidnapping of Alice Dewberry, a highly placed peer.  Without his Constable Freddie Crook at his side, Raft finds himself struggling.  Expecting the ton to help is a mistake as they provide more barriers than anything else.  As he immerses himself in the underbelly of London,  Raft finds there is more to this case than just a kidnapping.  He begins to wonder if Alice truly exists.  With the return of workhouse master, John Gallant, Raft knows he will have to dig deeper, revealing secrets and cryptic cover ups.

Come to Dust had more twist and turns than you could ever expect.  Enemies become friends and friends become enemies.  Raft does not have his usual constable and that leaves his back vulnerable.  Dark and intense, J.S. Cook will have you guessing until the very end.  The end is not your traditional happy ending and some questions are still left.  Raft is an amazing Inspector and we can only hope there are more books in the future.  If you have been following …

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