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Gabriel Devereaux has come a long way since the boy he was when he first knew Karina Armistead. Gabriel is a cage fighter, billionaire, and set on one thing, revenge. Now that his target is close, he puts his plan in action.

Karina has become a successful singer, connecting with fans about broken hearts, no one knows how close to home her songs ring true. When an fundraising auction ends up with Gabriel and Karina crossing paths again, Karina wants answers and Gabriel seems intent on not giving them. Gabriel quickly realizes that his plans are evolving and he doesn’t believe he can give up Katrina, but once she learns the truth will he lose everything?

I had not read this series but was thrilled with Take Down. Gabriel is a dominant personality, he is used to winning and you know from the beginning he maybe in over his head with Karina. Instant chemistry between the two and yet there is a vulnerable quality to both that enhances the seduction between the two. Picking up the first two and look forward to more in a sizzling series.

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