Review: Jamie by Catherine Lievens

Jamie just broke up with his boyfriend and needs some alone time. He goes camping in the forest by himself and is awakened by some noises. His investigation leads him to some large cats playing in a clearing. He has stumbled upon a long kept secret – the existence of shifters. Now he is faced with a decision. Is Ward worth the upheaval of his entire life?

Ward can’t believe he has finally found his mate. He has searched a long time and now realizes he has a lot of work to do if he wants to convince Jamie that he is worth all the trouble. He is willing to face exes as well as showing Jamie that he is trustworthy. Then Jamie disappears and Ward will risk everything to get him back.

Catherine Lievens has created a new series, Whitedell Pride, with Jamie as the first book. This promises to be an intriguing, captivating series. Jamie introduces the world and we find ourselves meeting a variety of characters, both paranormal and human. The ongoing plot is intriguing but familiar. Catherine Lievens adds a few of her own twists to keep our interest. The chemistry between Jamie and Ward was electrifying and made for some great scenes. A great start to a new series, we can all look forward to more stories set in this world.

Rating: 4 stars
Heat: Sizzling

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Review: Forever My Werewolf by Bronwyn Heeley

Tim has been loving Colin for some time now. But he never knew his lover was also a werewolf. When he sees him shift, the very scared Tim takes off and finds himself captured by a group of Hunters. Colin knows that he must rescue his love and then beg his acceptance.

Tim had no clue that Colin was a werewolf until he saw him shift. Scared he ran, right into the hands of some Hunters. Colin knew he should have been more circumspect in how he showed Tim his gift. Now he knew he had to fix that and rescue Tim and bring him back. Then Colin has a lot of work to do to convince Tim to stay. How will it all work out? You will need to pick up Forever With My Werewolf by Bronwyn Heeley to find out. This is book number 2 in Moonlit Wolves.

Rating: 4 stars
Heat: Sizzling

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Review: The Demon’s Blood by RJ Scott

Simeon Blue, a mountain lion shifter, is brother to the leader of the Feline Guild. He is to accompany Phin over the Red Mountains and into the Second Kingdom in order to ask for help from the felines in brokering a peace. Simeon is not sure he is the one to help Phin but reluctantly agrees.

Asherkan Iblis lives in the Second Kingdom as a soldier and slave to the elves. He does have royal blood but knows revealing that could result too many problems to count. When Phin arrives looking for peace, he asks Asher to make a decision that could result in his death.

When Asher and Simeon meet, these two diverse individuals find themselves with one thing in common – desire. When Simeon is injured, Asher realizes that the desire has grown to love. Now he has one more issue on his plate. Besides his cousin’s instant hate, the death of a king and black magic, Asher has to deal with the wonder of love.

Asher and Simeon were a very fascinating couple. They seemed to come from opposite ends of the spectrum and yet somehow together they found common ground. The action was exciting and non-stop and allowed a glimpse into the disservice the demons were forced to tolerate. Coalition forces are one step closer but is it enough? Pick up The Demon’s Blood to see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. How can you go wrong with hot MM loving, a war against injustice and enough paranormals to satisfy every one. Rj Scott gives us all.

Rating 4.5 straps
Heat rating: Sizzling

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Review: Foxe Fire by Haley Walsh

Skyler Foxe is now out and proud Even though that was not his intention, Skyler decides to embrace his now public lifestyle and sets up housekeeping with his boyfriend, head football coach, Keith Fletcher. But life is never easy for Skyler. A gay parent has been hanging out with Keith and someone from his past returns to haunt him. Add to that a firebug and a charred corpse outside his favorite gay night club and Skyler know he has no choice but to brush off his sleuthing skills and solve the crimes, much to the dismay of friends and relatives.

Setting up a life together is never easy. Skyler and Keith had some things to work out and while communications was lacking, misunderstandings reigned supreme. Relationship problems makes for a more realistic, interesting story. Skyler’s inability to let the mystery go lead him into situations that annoyed not only Keith but his other friends. He even added a new member to his club and managed to lead that new member astray.

Hijinks and misconceptions begin to prevail in fourth nook in the Skyler Foxe Mysteries. Haley Walsh keeps you guessing until the very end. The mystery is solved but Skyler and Keith. Still have some issues until a surprising source steps up. Excitement, danger and tension makes Foxe Fire by Haley Walks an excellent addition to the Skyler Foxe Mysteries.

Rating: 4.5 stars
Sensuality: Sizzling

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review: Nobody’s Home by Dev Bentham

Twenty years ago. Nick and his mother left Lacland, Wisconsin and his abusive, mentally ill father. He now lives in New York City preparing for his next art show. He is hoping it will be just as successful as his first one. Then he gets a phone call telling him his father has died by his own hand and he needs to come and settle the estate. He flies to Lacland to find a crumbling, dirty house and one very fat bulldog named Lady.

Jonas is not really happy with his job as a research veterinarian but he does enjoy volunteering at his partner’s canine behavior studies lab. That is, he did, until he found out about his partner’s extracurricular activities. He decides taking the advertised job in Lacland for a vet to be just what he needs to heal.

Both in pain, the two meet and their contact is electric. But Nick is only planning on staying until he settles his father’s affairs and Jonas is still suffering from his ex’s actions. Avoidance seems to be the best bet but sometimes that is easier said than done in this small town when their paths constantly cross.

Nobody’s Home is a very powerful novel about the price of mental illness for Nick and the price of infidelity for Jonas. Both men had a lot to deal with and after some misunderstandings realize they do have something valuable together. They just have to decide what to do with it.

Dev Bentham is a talented writer who accurately portrays how devastating mental illness can be and the lasting effects it can have. At the same time, the same thing is done for infidelity. The later scenes between Jonas and his ex-lover are priceless and give Jonas some needed closure. Every second of this book is amazing as you enjoy watching these two men come together and heal. Pick it up and enjoy!

Rating: 4.5 stars
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling


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Review: Jaguar Mate by SA Welsh

Trying to survive until he can claim his inheritance, Jay lives with memories of his mother’s death and with the continued abuse of his stepfather. He almost loses it when he is attacked by a  childhood bully, only to have that bully turn into a bear, a bear very much like the one that killed his mother. Saved by three black jaguars, the last thing Jay wanted to know was that the town was not quite what it appeared and his best friend Kyle is so much more. Kyle, it seems, is not only a shifter but also he claims to be Jay’s mate.

Bullying is never easy too address, especially when the victim hides what is going on. Jay felt like he only had himself to rely on and suddenly Kyle is back and Jay is not so sure what he wants to do. This book had been published before and it is just as good the second time around. Pick it up if you missed the first release and immerse yourself in some excitement, danger and romance.

Rating : 4 stars
Sensuality rating: Sizzling

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Review: Tied (Tangled series) by Emma Chase

The journey of the relationship between Drew and Kate becoming a long-lasting one has been filled with many highs and lows, and I am very grateful for being able to hear about so many of their experiences from personal viewpoints. This couple has gone through some tough times, but they have triumphed over any troubles and are finally at the point where marriage feels like the right next step. The fourth book in the Tangled series is once again cheekily told from Drew’s perspective, where comments about sex and just about anything else are candidly expressed with no thoughts held back. Emma Chase interweaves hilarious situations and passionate encounters in TIED to create an outstanding lusty romance.

Though Drew Evans had fully believed his future would not be with just one woman, the day he met Katherine Brooks was the moment his mind started to change. They had to overcome numerous conflicts that would have permanently torn apart many couples and even had a son together. Fortunately, their love for one another was strong enough to prevail over any of their problems and resulted in lots of satisfying sex after making up. Now the occasion which will legally join them as husband and wife is almost here, but first two important parties must be held before this momentous event.

Drew is letting his friends make all the arrangements for his bachelor party in Las Vegas, while Kate and her close friends will also be coming along to celebrate in their own separate way. Both of them expect to have a great time, but she cannot help but wonder if he will do something that may damage their relationship as he has done in the past. While Drew has emotionally matured since meeting Kate, getting a bunch of men together where booze and strippers are present can sometimes turn disastrous despite good intentions. All seems to go well at first, but crucial decisions could change the future of this couple.

Once the smiles and chuckles start, they never stop until the last word is read. Emma Chase masterfully makes each scene delightfully entertaining with colorful visuals and notable dialogue without equal. When guys are talking amongst themselves, the comments are regularly crude and often unique. The descriptions of all scenes let the reader perfectly envision every detail, and frequently cause loud bursts of laughter. It was very difficult for me to actually read a few paragraphs, because the images brought to mind led to watery eyes from all the giggling.

When it comes to creating original characters, Emma Chase has a gift. Personalities are matchless, while any conversations are constantly enjoyable. All of my favorite characters are back in the last book of the series, and though I never knew what would be said, it was guaranteed I would be riveted to every clever word. There are several instances where Drew and Kate are more serious, especially when they refer to their love for one another or their son, but these moments are equally gratifying. The sex between them is just as hot as ever, and references to what happens after a child becomes part of a relationship is particularly fun. The closeness they share is often conveyed with intense sensuality, yet total devotion is also clearly obvious any time they are intimate. Emma Chase is an author whose work will always be highly anticipated, as she never disappoints. TIED is an absolutely unforgettable erotic romance that continuously triggers uncontrollable laughter.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Genre: Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1476785882

Page Count: 242

Price: 15.00

Author Website:

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Review: The Thirteenth Sigil by J.L. O’Faolain

As a detective for Section Thirteen, NYPD’s paranormal division, sidhe Detective Tuulois MacColewyn does what he thinks is needed to get the job done. Sometimes, the results are just not what was expected and Cole finds himself benched. But when there is a break in at a high tech facility leaving no witnesses, Cole is recalled to duty. He is once again with his current lover, Inspector Joss Vallimun, trying to determine who stole the canister while also trying to figure out what is going on at a local children’s television station.

If all that is not bad enough, children’s imaginary friends are coming to life and seem intent on harming Section 13 detectives. Joss, Cole and the rest of the section certainly have their hands full.

Cole has an amazing attitude which never ceases to amaze. He realizes he loves Joss but concepts in the human world are different than the sidhe world and he runs into confusion As to what is acceptable and what is not. Joss tries to help but even he has problems sometimes understanding the problem. The plot is intriguing and leaves you with man what if questions. Exciting and hot with non stop action and adventure, The Thirteenth Sigil keeps this series going with a fresh plot and exciting heroes and secondary characters. Don’t miss this story as Cole and Joss continue to be endearing and loveable. Kudos to J.L. O’Faolain for penning such an incredible series.


4 stars


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Review: Bull’s Whip by A.C. Katt

Jamie O’Hara has had crush on Bull Raleigh, Dungeon Master at Indiscreet, for many months now. And while he does not look like a twink, Bull certainly thinks he is. He resolves to prove he is not a twink, only to find himself endangered by a white slavery ring. Needing someplace safe, Bull insists it is with him. Jamie arrives with a beautiful Persian cat, the epitome of twink in cat land. Now Bull has two twinks in his life and nothing is as it was.

Bull really needed some help. Everything that he could do wrong he did. He did have some issues from his past that interfered and caused some negative reactions. At the same time, his subconscious was giving him different messages. Jamie for his part was willing to give Bull some space but then he decided to prove himself and was pulled into a white slave trafficking ring. Bull and the rest of Indiscreet helped to rescue him.

The interaction between the subs and doms made for some great scenes. Old friends play a big part in the story and helped drive the final resolution. The relationship between the various couple was unique to the couple and worked perfectly. This series just keeps getting better and better. Fun and games at Indiscreet means great reading for us. Keep ‘em coming! Bull’s Whip is a great story from a great storyteller, A.C. Katt.



5 stars

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Review: Big Bone Lick Pack by Kendall McKenna, Jambrea Jo Jones and Cherie Noel

Visiting Bone Lick is such a delight. You will meet the brave men and women of the Sheriff’s department as well as the doctors and nurses at both St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Rabbit Hash Clinic. Along the way, you can also meet some intriguing shifters in “Devil Dog & Bad Wolf, perhaps a “Big Bad Bear” or maybe even involve yourself in “Some Shifty Fox Shenanigans. “ Stay awhile and enjoy yourself. All the residents of Bone Lick are sure you will be glad you did.

Kendall McKenna, Jambrea Jo Jones and Cherie Noel outdid themselves when they wrote these stories. There is hot loving, surprise romance and a delightful play on words to keep you chortling. Each story is enticing to read and while each story centers on one couple, we meet other residents in this delicious area, some is depth. Looking for a fun light read? One guaranteed to entertain and delight? Look no further, Bone Lick Pack is perfect for you. Read them one at a time or all at once. Just be sure you!


Rating 5 stars

Sensuality: Sizzling

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