Review: Perilous Partnership by Ariel Tachna

The war is over but the work is not done as Raymond and Jean find out in Perilous Partnership.

It has been a year since the war ended and Raymond Payet and Jean Bellaiche have settled into an amazing relationship. Jean drinks only from Raymond and Raymond sleeps in his bed. They are quite busy with Raymond as president of l’Association Nationale de Sorcellerie and Jean as chef de la Cour of the Parisian vampires. They deal with many troublesome issues but the most troublesome is the partnership bonds that are not working.

Raymond resolves to establish an institute dedicated to researching the ramifications of the bonds and to educate all vampires and wizards before they enter into one. The decision is met with mixed support, but no one expecting the vandalism and violence that follows. Jean and Raymond find the stress taking its toll on their relationship and they realize they must discover who is behind it before their own partnership becomes a casualty.

Ariel Tachna has created an amazing cast for A Partnership in Blood series. Perilous Partnership focuses on establishing the institute where research can be conducted. We see Raymond and Jean coming to gripes with their relationship and what it means to them and the population as a whole. Life is never easy as the vampires and wizards soon find out. Intense, hot and intriguing, Perilous Partnership by Ariel Tachna is not to missed if you enjoyed the other books in this series, A Partnership in Blood. Jean and Raymond will find a place in your heart by the end of Perilous Partnership by Ariel Tachna and isn’t that what we all like.


Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Genre: Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-63216-669-2

Page Count: 288 pages

Price: $6.99

Author’s Website:

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Available: Paperback and Ebook

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Review: Angel in Yellow by Astrid Cooper

All looks bleak until some animals are rescued by an Angel in Yellow.

The Adelaide national park is ablaze and Ben O’Reilly is there to do his job. When the fire gets out of control, he and his fellow fire fighters find themselves running for their lives. Ben, though has one more job to do, rescuing some terrified animals, trapped and unable to escape. When he finds himself trapped, he is rescued by a flying dragon and taken to a sanctuary filled with shape shifters. Darren is no ordinary dragon and when he shifts, the two men find an attraction to each other that is as hot as the fire they both fight. With his idea of reality now seriously changed, is there a possibility for a relationship?

Angel in Yellow was a short story that had everything you could want. Astrid Copper blended into the fabric of the pages love, respect, sadness and hope. We are left with the idea that Ben and Darren will meet again. That will be another story we can only hope. If not, the story will tantalize our own imaginations. Enjoy this story and appreciate the work being done for the animals.





Star Rating: 4 stars

Sensuality Rating: Sensual

Genre: Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-4874-0243-3

Page Count: 22 pages

Price: $1.59

Author’s Website:

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Available: Ebook

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Review: Dealing With the Past by Toni Griffin

Love and forgiveness will help when you are Dealing With the Past, and the mistakes you made.

Jackson Thompson has worked hard to make himself into something more than he was when he was younger. He can’t believe when a client runs from him and refuses to meet. Aiden Montgomery only came to The Thompson Agency at the recommendation of his boss. When his partner and best friend died suddenly, he never had the chance to say good bye. He never expected to run into the last person he ever wanted to see again – his tormentor from high school. When Jackson realizes who Aiden is, he knows he will do anything to make amends to the beautiful man who is also his mate.

Things we do in high school have lasting consequences and Jackson is faced with his. He is willing do anything to make it up to Aiden but it will be work. Aiden grew up and moved beyond his high school years. He never wanted to be reminded of that time. But he felt the need to say good bye to his partner who died unexpectedly. Now the two are faced with Dealing With the Past.

Toni Griffin does an excellent with her second book in The Thompson Agency series. Anyone who had a hard time in school wants to just walk away and never face that again. Aiden did not want to face his tormenter but Jackson was determined to make it up to him. Take in Dealing With the Past and discover how forgiveness can lead to love. Open your heart and you will realize how sweet love can be. Sit back relax with Dealing With the Past by Toni Griffin and you will be delighted.


Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Genre: Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-77111-959-7

Page Count: 105 pages

Price: $4.99

Author’s Website:

Buy It Link:

Available: Ebook

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Review: Beautiful Secret (Beautiful Series) by Christina Lauren

The remarkable two writers who go by Christina Lauren truly exceeded their own high standards when conceiving and then writing their latest Beautiful story. BEAUTIFUL SECRET is absolutely one of the most brilliantly written romances ever. Every detail comes across as believable, while any reactions are convincing and let me experience each compelling situation between the tongue-tied Brit and straightforward American. I laughed, shed a few tears and definitely cheered for this very appealing couple, whose relationship is refreshingly honest plus overflowing with enough steamy passion to heat a whole house. Christina Lauren can do no wrong when it comes to creating memorable stories. The intensity of emotions portrayed in BEAUTIFUL SECRET can truly be felt time and again.

Though Ruby Miller was born in California, she now works for an engineering firm in London. Proving herself at the respected company will hopefully allow her to one day get the degree of her choice. There is one employee with whom she is totally fascinated, yet knows they will never really connect because he is the Director of Planning and she is only an intern. When she hears Niall Stella will be gone to a business summit for a month, she thinks his absence will be greatly felt by her. Upon being told she will be accompanying the enticing Brit to the states, Ruby cannot help but feel slightly panicked yet also intrigued.

After his divorce became final, Niall knew he should be looking for possible dates. Sadly, he has never had much luck starting a conversation with a woman, so his social life is not very thrilling. When he learns Ruby will be going with him to New York City, he really does not know her at all. After she turns out to be someone with whom he can easily converse, Niall is definitely surprised. Her family is very open, so speaking her mind is what Ruby has always done, even saying thoughts before clearly thinking them through. As they attend meetings during the day and talk at night, they become much closer. Yet Niall doing what he wants with Ruby will mean he has to stop thinking and take action that will show what she means to him, something he has never done in his life.

There are often fictional characters that I would like the opportunity to actually meet, and those Christina Lauren has created for her Beautiful series are at the top of my list. With expressive personalities and quick wit, the individuals in this series would certainly be fun to be around. Though they come up with what could be cutting remarks, they can also turn caring in an instant. When several previous characters from the series made an appearance, I was very excited as I knew there would be plenty of good times ahead.

The two main characters in BEAUTIFUL SECRET are poles apart in behavior. Ruby is sociable and her frame of mind is usually not hidden, while Niall has a very difficult time communicating what he feels plus cannot make himself stop thinking about everything for way too long before acting. While I do like an alpha hero if the circumstances are right, how the adorable British citizen behaves endeared him to me from the very first. The past deeply affects him and causes his reactions to be uniquely his own. I found his responses made him even more tempting to me, especially when he verbalized a desire with such conviction. Ruby is a delight in every way, and frankness about all aspects of her life had me applauding her at times. Intimacy between Niall and Ruby is described with some of the most stirringly depicted visuals I have ever read. The pictures envisioned truthfully did cause tingles and gasping. Christina Lauren repeatedly makes the heart pound in a good way. BEAUTIFUL SECRET captivates with original imaginings and engaging characters.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Sensuality Rating: Sultry

Genre: Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1476778006

Page Count: 388

Price: 16.00

Author’s Website:

Buy It Link:

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Review: Dragon’s Lair by Chantal Fernando

Since I have never read a book about characters who love to ride motorcycles and belong to a club, I was not certain as to how interesting the first release in the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series would be to me. After discovering loads of details about numerous members of the Wind Dragons club, I came to realize just how much I enjoyed learning about the many fascinating men in this close-knit group along with the women who come into their lives. While there is some bawdy behavior and plenty of crude comments, the author delves much deeper into the conduct of these individuals and lets the reader see the side they usually keep hidden from the outside world. I laughed countless times and also felt the stress of unanticipated circumstances, because each moment comes across as sincerely genuine. Chantal Fernando makes the captivating world of outlaw motorcycle riders in DRAGON’S LAIR imaginative and truly emotional.

When younger, Faye Connor liked school, could not do anything to please her mother and adored her neighbor, Dexter Black. Though he was five years older than her, he still acted like he enjoyed talking with her and actually seemed to be concerned. After graduating from high school and then enrolling in college to become a lawyer, her carefully thought out plans for the future come to a sudden halt when her longtime boyfriend cheats. Now Faye has nobody to count on but herself because of an impulsive decision after her discovery.

The single night she had with Dex after years with no contact did not reveal the type of person he had become, but she soon comprehends they are equally stubborn. Though he is a member of a notorious motorcycle club known for its criminal activities, he surprisingly finds her after learning about her current situation. Now Faye is tied to Dex and the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club because of one choice, and she is around people who live totally opposite of anything she envisioned for herself. The boy she once knew did watch over her yet the adult version is doubly intense, making Faye think the outcome for her will not be good.

Though there are no mythical beasts in the book, there is definitely something extremely likable to be found in the pages of DRAGON’S LAIR. The large number of good-looking men in the story kept me entranced and wanting to learn more about this appealing group of unique individuals, where quite a lot of fantasies about them keep coming into my mind. Yes, many of them are rough around the edges, but then a remark or an action let me know their inner feelings, proving that what is on the inside counts, not the appearance of someone. There are several events containing harsh realism, causing the story to be more believable since Dex does belong to a motorcycle gang.

Most relationships have their ups and downs, but the one between Dex and Faye is especially challenging from the very start. They continue to encounter complications as time goes on, and emotional outbursts show just how deeply they are affected by a particular situation. Sex often expresses sentiments neither can say, and their passionate natures take each other to new heights. Dex may have changed since he was younger, but his tender caring for Faye only grows stronger when they reconnect. How she responds to several incidents after becoming a part of the motorcycle club got her into trouble, and seeing the changes in her after each occurrence made her character more true-to-life. Two of my favorite club members have upcoming books, stories for which I am very eager. Chantal Fernando has created a compelling journey of unexpected feelings and tension-filled passion. DRAGON’S LAIR makes a lasting impression with honest reactions and fiery emotions.

Star Rating: 4.5 Stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Genre: Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1501106187

Page Count: 304

Price: 15.00

Author’s Website:

Buy It Link:

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Review: Jackdaw by KJ Charles

Jonah and Ben struggle with love and betrayal in Jackdaw, remembering that if they stop running they will fall, or will they?

Jonah Pastern is a magician and a wind walker. Unfortunately he uses his powers as a professional thief. He thought that was all life had to offer until he met Ben Spenser and he spent six months living with the love of his life. But he had to hide who he was because Ben was a constable. The his professional life interfered and he was forced to betray Ben, leaving him to face the consequences of their relationship alone.

Out of the goal, Ben sets out to search for Jonah with revenge on his mind. It is not long before he finds Jonah and the two are soon fleeing together from the police, the judiciary and a wealth of others with grudges. It seems love is not done with them but is there any way they can have a future with so many strikes against them?

Your heart will go out to Ben and Jonah. Jonah betrayed Ben but the reasons were good in some ways. Ben had no idea and when he searched for Jonah it was with revenge on his mind. Unfortunately for Ben, he could fully carry out his revenge. Love interfered. Jonah knew he had to grow and stop running, but was afraid he would fall. These two men belonged together, they just had to find the way.

It was quite different viewing Stephen Day and Lucien Crane from another’s perspective. It did make them less sympathetic but true to character.

Jackdaw by KJ Charles is an amazing book that will appeal to your heart and your emotions. You can’t help but route for a happy ending. Pick it and see if they get their very own happily ever after.

Star Rating: 5 stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Genre: Historical GLBT

ISBN: 9781619225763

Page Count: 161 pages

Price: $4.50

Author’s Website:

Buy It Link:

Available: Paperback and Ebook

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Bound to the Vampire, New Release by Selena Blake

It’s here!

Mystic Isle, Book 5. Valencia Fabelle’s book. Finally we understand what Valencia went through, what happened in her past that makes her the woman she is today.

Ice queen? Sure.

But there’s a reason.

Does a blast from the past mean together at last?

Find out: Amazon | Amazon UK |Amazon FR | Amazon DE | iBooks | Nook| Kobo

About Bound to the Vampire

Three hundred years ago their covens arranged for them to wed, hoping to end the infighting. He was strong willed and she was hot headed. Their love was instantaneous and passionate. But the night before their wedding, Valencia heard him utter the words that would shatter her heart and send her running.

Now, all these years later, they come face to face at a masked ball at Mystic Isle. Her memory is long and she’ll never forget his betrayal…no matter how much her body might crave his touch now.

He has his work cut out for him where she’s concerned and only four days left to change her mind. His thirst for her is undeniable. Luckily, he has in his possession the one thing she’s always wanted but never been able to possess.


“Hello lady wife.”

Valencia Fabelle froze atop her crystal encrusted Manolo Blahniks. She would recognize that voice till she took her last breath. Two hundred eighty-nine years and ten thousand miles did nothing to lessen its potency.

Her body flushed just as it always had at the deep voice, the richness that was finer than the finest caviar, more delicious than the sweetest Swiss chocolate. Her lungs seized, her heartbeat accelerated and her nipples tightened beneath the silk bodice.

Evidently the others in her small group felt the effects of the honeyed sound as well. Or perhaps they were more shocked at his words. Valencia had always, as far as they knew, been single and celibate.

If only they knew the truth.

Their conversation ceased and Valencia felt their gaze shift from the man at her back to her. It was the opening night gala for her latest Shimmer store and she’d planned this party to the last detail. Special lights twinkled overhead, Avery stood atop a black platform with the most special pendant in Valencia’s collection around her neck. In the corner, the string quartet played a perfect mixture of classics and modern instrumentals.

She’d anticipated everything…except him.

Izzy’s blonde eyebrows were high above her lioness mask, Coco’s goblet halted halfway to her lips and Ceara’s jaw was dropped open so she looked like a fish on a platter.

Licking her lips ever so slightly, Valencia dug deep for the grace she’d relied on for centuries. A vampiress gives nothing away. Never let them see you quiver, her late mother’s voice whispered through her mind.

She kept her expression carefully neutral as she pivoted atop the seven centimeter heels. The train of her skirt twisted around her legs like a tourniquet. And there he was, tall, lean, and more handsome than she remembered.

And arrogant enough to show up to a Masquerade sans mask.

Dameon LeBeau.

A few centimeters taller than her, even in her heels, refined with hair just this side of jet black and eyes so blue they could seduce the sun. Between his dark brows and the perfect sensuous slant of his lips, she’d always been able to read his expressions. Right up until the night he broke her heart into a billion tiny shards.

He had that same blank, yet carefully constructed facade in place now. Shoulders back with an air of supreme wealth and cool aloofness, he studied her. But there was something else lurking in those eyes that had once stared deep into hers as they’d made love over and over

A half dozen responses sprang to her lips as she stared him down. Though she’d imagined this reunion hundreds of time, she chose her words carefully.

‘I’m not your wife’ wouldn’t do.

Nice try.

After all this time…

One has to get married before one can be a wife.

No. None of those would put him in his place either.

If I’m you’re wife, where’s my ring had a nice, well, ring to it. But Dameon was wealthy enough to buy any ring in her store right here and now. And it would be just like him to make a spectacle of her.

No, she settled for the words that she knew would damage his pride just as he’d destroyed hers.

“I’m sorry. Do I know you?”

There was the briefest flicker of surprise and dare she hope, pain, in his eyes and then he gave her the most wicked smile she’d ever seen. Wide, full, bright white teeth with a flash of fang, he reminded her of the rakish man who’d stolen her heart and claimed her soul beneath a harvest moon. The effect now was no less staggering.

Her toes curled in her shoes and she briefly forgot that she was supposed to hate him.

He took a single step closer, bringing a whiff of expensive cologne with him that made her tingle inside.

“Ahh, you slay me, ma chérie.” He held a hand over his chest where his heart should have been, if he’d had one.

Though his gaze didn’t stray from her face and he kept his hands to himself, her body reacted. Of its own will, her shoulders swayed forward ever so slightly, a delicious heat swept up from the small of her back, snaking over her shoulders before finally lacing around her neck. For the first time in a long time she felt breathless…and aroused.

Annoyed at her body’s obvious interest, she straightened her spine and stared him down through her peacock mask.

Around them, the masquerade continued as if her whole world hadn’t just tipped off its axis. But in reality, it felt more like the earth’s rotation had come to a full stop, perhaps even started spinning in reverse. That would explain why a thousand memories suddenly flooded her mind, yanking her into the past, a past where she’d almost been a wife. In that past she’d given her heart away and in the present, the people dancing and laughing around her hadn’t a clue. Most of them didn’t even notice the showdown in the middle of everything.

She held a hand to her cleavage, just beneath the diamond infinity necklace and cocked her head to the side to show off the column of her throat. With her short hair and delicate platinum tassel earrings shimmying against her skin, he’d no doubt remember the many times he’d kissed her there. And his promise to drink from her on their wedding night.

“The problem is,” she said in her huskiest tone, “I’ve been ma chérie to so many tall, dark and handsome types, I’m afraid it’s hard for me to remember who is who. But one has to be married before one can be a wife.” Truth be told, she’d felt like his wife in every sense of the word. “You must have me mistaken for someone else.”

Once again his brows pinched just enough to let her know that the sharp end of her words had hit their mark. But the wound healed quickly and the corner of his lips tugged upward into a sexy smirk.

So this was a game for him. He prodded, she sliced back. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

He let his gaze travel down the length of her necklace, down the plunging neckline of her royal blue silk dress.  If she wasn’t mistaken, his gaze lingered on each of the delicate peacock plums that hugged the bodice. He didn’t stop there. No, he was quickly on to her hips and finally to her toes.

She silently thanked her foresight to wear the elaborate peacock costume because right now she didn’t feel quite so naked under his thorough survey. She was ashamed to admit she liked hiding behind the blue and green feathered mask especially when those brilliant blue eyes returned to her face.

“We both know that’s not true, Val-dear.” He strung the last two words together so they were one; an endearment just for her he’d told her so long ago. She’d believed him, had fallen for him and his sack of lies until there’d been nothing left of her heart.

Finish reading: Amazon | Amazon UK |Amazon FR | Amazon DE | iBooks | Nook| Kobo


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Review: Blush by Cherry Adair

For her first book in the Erotica genre, Cherry Adair creates a story with an exceptionally original premise for a strong-willed couple. While BLUSH may be about a billionaire, most similarities to other stories concerning the rich end with this fact. The heroine is the person whose wealth and power far exceeds other successful individuals in business, while the hero is someone who is definitely not naïve or innocent. Sex initially brings them together, but unspoken secrets could tear them apart in an instant. There are also moments where danger suddenly pops up, and each new threat increased my worries about what would ultimately happen. Cherry Adair takes her romantic suspense books to new heights, where sexual pleasure and emotional involvement become unexpectedly entangled. BLUSH is an erotic journey of impending peril and fiery passions.

As the CEO of Blush Cosmetics worth billions, Amelia Wellington-Wentworth is used to being in control of all aspects of her life. When an unknown person seems determined to kill her, she decides to hide by purchasing an old house in the bayou not too far from New Orleans, a place where no one should be able to find her under the name of Mia Hayward. While there, she starts a list of things she wants to accomplish and begins steadily achieving them as the thought of dying makes Amelia see life in a different way. But she had no idea how good Cruz Barcelona was in carrying out any task he is given.

For his hopefully final undertaking as a hitman, Cruz plans to cause the very wealthy Amelia to become the victim of an unfortunate accident. The huge sum of money he will receive once she dies will ensure he can live the rest of his days in comfort. But even more important to him is the fact another merciless individual will no longer be able to prey on the innocent. After making several inquiries, Cruz is ready to follow through on his plan to kill a woman whose choices have earned her what is coming. However, when he goes to the isolated home with murderous intent, his scheme does not go as anticipated but the sex was certainly spectacular. Deciding further information is needed before completing his assignment because something feels off, Cruz agrees to help with renovations to her home and cannot keep from hoping there will be additional sex with Amelia while he learns about her.

A huge number of secrets are being held by Cruz and Amelia from each other, but at least hers would not result in his death. The reason he came into her life was to end it, but one spontaneous decision by him changes what the immediate future holds for them. Since both of their perspectives are stated throughout the story, the reader gets to see the reasoning behind their deductions and how deeply these choices often emotionally affect them. Cruz is especially interesting to observe, because what he repeatedly chooses went against his normal behavior. Watching his struggle with sentiments he has never felt let me know there was so much more to him than just a coldblooded assassin. The threats to Amelia’s life are very real, and I never knew when someone might get too close and succeed.

While suspense keeps building and increasing their fears right along with my own, there is lots of humor scattered amid all the possible danger. From intelligently witty comments to amusing circumstances, Amelia and Cruz often find themselves in situations neither could have ever foreseen being in their futures. Pretending to be a handyman for the woman that he was sent to kill constantly challenged him, and some of his internal thoughts were darkly comical. Sex between Cruz and Amelia is definitely steamy and frequent, and several of their encounters were very impulsive. Though reaching sexual fulfillment was the goal they were trying to attain at first, an underlying feeling of caring concern started to be sensed as time passed. Cherry Adair reaches another milestone in her career with her debut Erotica story. BLUSH is imaginative in detail plus unforgettably sensual.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

ISBN: 978-1451684346

Page Count: 392

Price: 15.00

Author Link:

Buy It Link:

Reviewer: Amelia Richard

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Review: Trusting His Rat by Charlie Richards

Jamie has some powerful memories and in order to move beyond them he must find himself Trusting His Rat.

Paolo is delighted to be rescued and released from captivity. The wolf shifters not only save him but offer him a home. When he arrives, he cannot believe his luck – his mate is here. Paolo sets about winning him.

Jamie has spent a long time waiting for his mate. He finds him and they spend an amazing night together but when Paolo reveals his kink, old memories surface and Jamie runs. Now Paolo will have to work hard to find out what made Jamie run and then to fix that problem.

It is amazing how Charlie Richards can keep the stories exciting and unique. Jamie had been hurt in the past and had some issues with trust. Paolo had just been released from a cage and could not believe his luck at finding his mate. But trust does not always come naturally. One misinterpreted comment and Jamie runs. Now Paolo has his work cut out for him. What he does is a thing of beauty!

Pick up Trusting His Rat by Charlie Richards and watch as Jamie learns that Trusting His Rat is just what he needs to do.




Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Genre: Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-77111-983-2

Page Count: 109 pages

Price: $4.99

Author’s Website:

Buy It Link:

Available:  Ebook

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Review: Gary’s Choice by AC Katt

Gary’s Choice becomes so much more when Danny is involved. Choices comes with a price.

Danny, a house sub at Indiscreet, has been in love with Gary for some time. Finally Gary offers him a contract, but it must remain secret. Gary, a former major league pitcher, is bound by a contract with his manager that he cannot reveal that secret. Danny wants to sign the contract but is not sure he can live back in the closet. With a little help from their friends at Indiscreet, Gary and Danny sign a contract which will meet both of their needs or does it? Both men will have to decide if what they have is enough.

Danny was Gary’s Choice but Danny was not sure he could stay a dirty secret for him. He had worked to hard to be who he is and did not want to hide that from anyone. Gary wanted to be Danny’s choice but was bound by his contract. Does he love Danny enough to try and change his life?

Gary’s Choice illustrates the problems associated with being gay. Contracts, family and friends make choices difficult. They should not. Everyone should be who they are with no one and nothing dictating otherwise. Pick up AC Katt’s Gary’s Choice and see what Gary chooses. You will be amazed at the outcome.

Star Rating: 4.5 stars

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Genre: BDSM

ISBN: MLR-1-02014-0256

Page Count: 175 pages


Author’s Website:

Buy It Link:

Available:  Ebook

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