Body Moves by Jodi Lynn Copeland


Private Passions tells the story of Danica Crosby, the owner of Private Indulgence, and of Jordan Cameron, a client. Jordan comes to the resort, Private Indulgence, to prove it is a fraud. Posing as a patient, Jordan finds Danica irresistible and the two embark on an affair that is too hot to handle for both of them. When Danica finds out that Jordan deceived her, she is quite upset and wants nothing more to do with him. Now Jordan must find a way to fix the mess he has created if he wants Danica in his life.

In Private Fantasias, Logan Delaney has come to Private Indulgence to get a make over that will ensure that men will look at her more than once. When Logan arrives, she finds a very sexy doctor, Tanner Gray, who tries to convince her, in ways designed to produce lots of steam, that she is perfect the way she is.

With enough heat to ignite the pages, Body Moves is full of passionate sex and yet at the same time leaves us with a message. Private Passions tells us not to deceive while Private Fantasies wants us to realize that we are perfect they way we were born. Heat, love and passion, what more could you ask for? Body Moves is perfect for those cold winter nights. Jodi Lynn Copeland is one author to keep an eye on.