Whispered Intent by Elle Emriche

Emotionally spent after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Jenny Oliver is wary of traveling down the relationship highway again. That is until she receives a strange note left by an equally mysterious person. At first scared by the note, Jenny then can’t resist trying to find out who this person is but what she gets is only more questions when the man who has written to her whispers what he wants from her. His seductive ways soon overrule her judgment and she is taken on the ride of her life. But now there’s a complication, one that her desires won’t let go of. Will Jenny find the strength she needs to succeed?

Whispered Intent by Elle Emriche is a fascinating and raunchy tale of whispered promises and intent. I really enjoyed reading this book and the premise that Jenny receives a note that states the writer’s wish to help her out financially if she would only allow them to touch her was a stroke of brilliance. I thought that the characters were well formed and the whole story was so delicious to read, it just flowed and I was left with no unanswered questions. I adored Jenny, she came a long way to finally trust again but to also discover your deepest and darkest desires fulfilled, well what woman wouldn’t want that? If you love your romance spicy and sexy then Whispered Intent is one you must get because it will blow your mind, or should I say, imagination? Kudos to Ms. Emriche for such a captivating story.