Cowboys Make Better Lovers by Kelly Wallace

Sarah Collins is grieving the loss of her sister when she discovers she has been left joint custody of her sister’s children with her brother-in-law Raif Manning. Sarah is planning on getting married soon and must decide whether she will give up custody to a known playboy or if she will demand sole custody, despite what her fiancée wants. When she arrives on Raif’s doorstep she is unprepared to be pole axed by the attraction she feels for the gorgeous photographer.

Raif, on the other hand, wants to keep the kids and provide and steady home environment for them so he gives up his photography career to purchase a run down farmhouse to raise his ready-made family. When approached by the lovely Sarah Collins to sign over custody of the kids to her, it is a less than impressive sight that greets her, a house full of chaos. Yet after getting to know the lovely woman Raif wonders if there isn’t something else worth fighting for; Sarah, and the family they could have together.

For a woman raised in a privileged environment Sarah is a woman of character and determination; she is not afraid to get her hands dirty or to fight for what she wants. No is Raif a man who stands on the sidelines, letting a passion for pleasure take precedence over a responsibility to these orphaned children. He is a man of courage, stamina and integrity. The storyline could have been a “gloom and doom” depressing affair, yet managed to be uplifting, funny and engaging to this reader instead. The lead protagonists are passionate in all ways, and it is readily apparent when they share a scene; the encounters are spicy and varied, leaving no doubt to the depth of emotion present with each encounter. If you are looking for a great way to escape for a few hours, Cowboys Make Better Lovers is a fine choice. Author Kelly Wallace is an author to watch for; I predict great things in store for the future.


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