Review: Forbidden Fruit by Eden Bradley

Professor Mia Rose Curry teaches the most popular course on campus – Alternative Sexuality.  It is a safe way to talk about fetishes, bondage, and so much more.  Mia has her own private fantasies, which she never explored fully.  But now a student in class makes her wants to explore all her fantasies but she cannot – he is a student and that is just not acceptable for a teacher.  Jagger James feels the same hot chemistry and is determined to not let anything get in the way.  Mia is a feast that he cannot resist.  The two do break the rules as they explore fetishes and a lot more.

Forbidden Fruit is delicious and hot.  There are actually two love stories in its pages.  Her best friend Karalee also finds some forbidden, hot loving of her own.  The reader can also explore some variations to loving as they explore the pages of this book.  You will never look at food the same way.  Love and romance couple with heat and hungry desire to produce a book that will leave you panting.  Eden Bradley’s Forbidden Fruit will have you looking for your very own sexual feast.