Review: A Ghost of a Chance by Josh Lanyon

Rhys Davies, a history teacher at UCLA, also teaches a course in paranormal studies. Rhys researches Berkeley House for a book about California haunted houses. David Berkeley, a magician who committed suicide owned Berkeley House. Rhys’ friend, Oliver de la Motte, invites Rhys to stay at his home while he works on his book. Oliver neglects to mention that his nephew is already staying there. When the key Oliver gives Rhys does not work, he enters the house through a window. This is not the greatest way for Rhys to meet the man he is going to spend the weekend with.

Sam Devlin is a cop and Oliver’s nephew. Sam catches Rhys breaking into the house and thinks Rhys is there to rob his uncle. After interrogating his new roommate and checking with his uncle to find out if Rhys is legitimate, Sam allows Rhys to stay in the house. The attraction between Sam and Rhys is undeniable, but they cannot trust each other. Sam does not believe in haunted houses, but he knows that Berkeley House is dangerous. Sam warns Rhys to stay out of the house, but Rhys ignores him.

This story by Josh Lanyon is part of the Scared Stiff anthology. Mr. Lanyon uses humor to combine a ghost story with a budding romance. Rhys and Sam butt heads over Berkeley House. A little thing like conflict does not keep the two men from finding the spark that leads to hot sex. As much as they fight their attraction, something keeps bringing them back together. Will the ghost of David Berkeley force them apart?