Review: After Midnight by Sarah Grimm

Noah Clark, lead singer of the group Black Phoenix, has one last shot at restarting his career.  After a long hiatus he wants the perfect setting to compose the album, he finds himself outside Izzy’s bar and is intrigued by the woman inside.  Not wanting any distractions, he can’t seem to stay away from Isabeau Montgomery, despite her reluctance to allow him a chance to get to know her.

Isabeau was a child prodigy who could play the piano like no other, a tragedy when she was young kept her from playing again. Years later she is the proud owner of a bar, but seeing Noah inspires the music inside her wanting to spill out.  It frightens her that she trusts  Noah because she never wanted to depend on another person again.  Noah has a natural ability with keeping her demons at bay, but he knows that in order for them to have a future together, Isabeau needs to confront her fears.

Beautifully written story that has a raw quality to it.  Isabeau’s past unfolds slowly, but you are glad it does, it gives time for Isabeau and Noah’s relationship to cultivate and grow.  I would definitely pick up another of Sarah Grimm’s books to read.

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