Review: Bella Mia by Mandy M. Roth

Gwyneth Stevens knows that running won’t stop the decisions she needs to make go away but she just needs time to think, only there are those that don’t want to give her time to think or to live. And when she finds herself on the doorstep of Giovanni Baldassare she discovers that she must make her final stand before old enemies and habits take that choice away from her. Will history repeat its past mistakes? Or are Gwen and Giovanni able to overcome them all?

Bella Mia by accomplished author Mandy M Roth, is a spellbinding romance that weaves passion and danger into an unforgettable tale. The characters in this story are determined and dedicated but they are also human in their traits of jealousy, betrayal and hurt. I’ve loved reading this series especially about Gwen and all those she has called friends and lovers. Even though her life is complicated she still is able to rely on the friendships she has built and to protect herself from those that would do her harm. This book isn’t just about passion and romance, it is also about discovering that what may be the truth may in fact only be a small part of it. Bella Mia is a fantastic addition to the Daughter of Darkness series and I know anyone else reading this book will find it the same. Kudos to Ms. Roth for creating such delicious characters.


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