Review: Bermuda Heat by P.A. Brown

All his life, David Eric Laine believed his father had died a hero in Viet Nam.  His mother had remarried and his stepfather had adopted him.  Now, one letter changes everything David thought was true in his life when he finds out his father, Joel Cameron, is still alive and well, and living in Bermuda.  Joel had been in the states for college when he met David’s mother.  A bit rebellious, she had become pregnant but after David’s birth, she had fled home and the lie became a shelter from her perceived humiliation.  Wanting to learn more, David and Chris travel to Bermuda to discover the truth behind all the lies and find themselves with more than even they may be able to handle.

Bermuda Heat drags you in with the first word and keeps you until the last one.  In their quest to learn the truth, David, with Chris by his side, will face things that neither ever expected.  Their relationship deepens even further if possible as they unite in their goals.  The plot was intriguing and unexpected from the blurb but extremely tense and exciting, keeping you glued to the pages.  P.A. Brown has created two strong and loveable characters with Chris and David, excellent plots to showcase and their talents and a desire to see more of these two.  Kudos to P.A. Brown for creating such a compelling, fascinating pair.

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