Review: Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too by Mark Zubro.

Paul Turner, a gay cop and father of two boys, pulls a complicated homicide.  He and his partner, Buck Fenwick, have been assigned the task of solving the murder of a brutal Chicago cop.  It turns out to be a powder keg as the investigation leads them into the very fabric of the Chicago Police Department.  Soon, with danger threatening them, they find cover up after cover up and even some inventive lies to keep them off the truth.  It is beginning to look as if some high ranking officers may be involved as well as some leather wearing queens.  It will be up to Paul and Buck to unravel the web woven through the years and into the present, while at the same time, staying alive.

Paul and Buck were tested every step of this investigation.  Honest and capable, they would not give up until they had unraveled every cover up they found, even if it meant their own lives were in danger.  In fact, it soon become obvious that many worried about them as everyone was warning them to be careful.  The plot was excellent.  You were pretty sure who it had to be but could not see how it came about.  The getting there was fascinating and kept you reading to the very end.  Enjoy police stories with more than few twists?  Black and Blue and Pretty Dead Too  by Mark Zubro is perfect for you, but be prepared to be up reading until the wee hours of the morn.