Review: Blood and Bone by Dawn Brown

Shayne Reynolds writes about killers and their motives. Her latest book takes her to Dark Water to investigate the murders of Gwendolyn Grey Anderson and her son, Christian. Shayne interviews the convicted killer, Robert Anderson, Gwen’s husband and Christian’s stepfather who claims he is innocent of the crime even though he confessed and spent twenty-five years behind bars. The Grey family will stop at nothing to keep Shayne from writing her book. Gwen’s mother, Heddra Grey, pays the town bully to frighten Shayne away with violence but she is not easily scared. Shayne meets Heddra’s youngest grandchild and sparks fly between them. Can Shayne keep her professional edge and still have a relationship with the son of a killer?

Desmond Anderson was too young to remember the murders, but his sister, Julia, saved his life that night. When a writer comes to town to expose his family’s secret pain, Des wants no part of her. Des meets Shayne when he rents her a house and he cannot deny his attraction. Des’ grandmother blames him for the death of her daughter and makes his life a living hell. Julia, unable to handle the trauma of the murders, uses drugs to ease her pain. Julia steals money from her grandmother and flees the country leaving Des to face Heddra’s wrath. Heddra wants Shayne stopped and demands that Des get close to her and find out what she knows about the murders. Will Des spy for his grandmother?

Dawn Brown spins a chilling tale of murder and the extremes people will go to keep their secrets. Des struggles with the shame of having a killer for a father and a grandmother who hates him. After a bitter divorce caused by infertility, Shayne needs this book to start her life over. Love is the last thing on the minds of Des or Shayne, but the chemistry between them sizzles. Just when the reader thinks he/she knows who the murderer really is, Ms. Brown offers another plot twist that changes everything. Will Shayne discover who really killed Gwen Grey Anderson and her son?

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