Review: Bonded by Need by Nina Pierce

Bonded by Need is the first book in a new series called Shifting Bonds.  As far as this book is concerned, it definitely makes an impression.  This world of shifters is unique and sensual with a core of drama that makes for a delicious treat for the reader.  Having the internal struggle of being two types of shifter adds depth to the story that leaves you sympathizing and hoping for the very best.  This was definitely “a not to be missed” paranormal adventure.

Montana is the place where Jayda has gone to start fresh as a veterinarian.  To her shock she has also recently discovered that she is a poly-morphic shifter and can become both a wolf and a cougar.  In her new life she has started a relationship with Cole, the pack alpha of the wolf shifters so she has no intention of letting her cougar out.  She never expected to meet Zane, the leader of the Cougar council.  When these two meet the sparks fly and attractions flare.  Unfortunately those same sparks fly between Cole and Jayda.   When a disease starts killing the cougars it is up to Jayda to figure out what is going on.  With relationship issues pressing down and a disease that is only affecting the cougars causing more problems, will Jayda have the strength to deal with everything bearing down on her.

Nina Pierce makes a statement with Bonded by Need.  The characters are intense and passionate while the story just pulls you in.  This is a great paranormal story that will appeal to readers who enjoy shifter stories.  Bonded by Need is a four star work with an amazing sense of sensuality and sizzle.  I am looking forward to the second book in this Shifting Bonds series.

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