Review: Christmasing With You by William Neale

Andrew Bastion is looking at facing Christmas alone and devastated by the loss of his husband though a senseless and violent act.  His friend, Mike, knows that Drew must do something to bring himself back to the land of the living.  He suggests Drew go out and volunteer and give something to others.  Unable to face his lonely home, Drew does just that and meets a man who could help heal him and bring him back to life.

Christmasing With you is a very touching story.  How do you go on when your mate is gone?  Drew is lucky to find some one to help him, showing us all how Christmas miracles are possible if you are willing to believe.  William Neale proves that in the pages of Christmasing With You.  Bring along some tissues and be prepared to experience the same miracle of Christmas that Drew does.  Another fantastic story from William Neale.

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