Review: Crossroads: Shadowland by Keta Diablo

Frank’s newest case is taking him to New Orleans. This is a perfect time to introduce Rand into the world of private investigating. Unfortunately, the case turns out to be anything but common place. There is a ghost that is more than a century old, two boys who made a big mistake and a pair of young men who hate gays. With evil surrounding them, Frank and Rand must be alert or risk losing it all. Then Frank realizes that he will have to extend himself to save not only the two boys but also Rand, the keeper of his heart.

Keta Diablo’s Crossroads: Shadowland was an incredible story. Rand and Frank are so well developed that they feel like old friends. The plot leaves you with the chills as you experience true evil and, then, relief when good intervenes. Hot passion and spine-tingling danger combine with the gratification and sorrow of the ending to produce a tale that will continue to haunt you even after you are done reading. We can only urge Keta Diablo to finish Book Four so we can see what happens next.

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