Review: Feral by Joely Skye

Joley Skye has created a wonderful world of shifters that will captivate and intrigue any reader.  Feral is a beautifully crafted novel that is a perfect balance of action, romance, drama and sensuality.  The sizzle between the main characters is pulse-pounding.  This is a world of shifters that is emotionally charged and genuinely stunning in the intensity portrayed.

Ethan is a cougar shifter who has gone feral after 8 years of not shifting into his human form.  After being captured and tortured by a wolf pack, he has no intentions of allowing his human weaknesses to compromise him again.  When he is again captured by a wolf pack he has no choice but to seduce one of his captors in order to get free.  Bram is a pack omega.  He fears his alpha but he also hates what is being done to Ethan.  When Bram learns that his alpha has plans to turn Ethan over to people in order to be studied, he knows he has to help Ethan escape.  If he helps, he will be betraying his alpha and his pack but if he doesn’t he knows that Ethan will disappear forever.  The risks may be high but Bram knows that Ethan deserves his freedom no matter what the consequences.

Joely Skye is a truly exceptional author.  Her story is sensual and sexy without being over exagerated.  With the reappearances of shifters from her novel Marked, we get new insights into an intriguing world of shifters that is different from the normal.  Feral is a truly magnificent book that any paranormal reader will enjoy.  This is a five star work and I can not wait to read more about Ms. Skye’s shifters.