Review: Fire Riders 1: Taming The Fire by Mechele Armstrong

Byron and Callum are dragon riders and lovers. A war between Eastania and neighboring Wardona keep their nights busy, but their love makes their lives complete…until now. When dragon riders reach a specific age, their dragon’s fire is impossible to control and they are in danger of combustion. There is only one cure: sex with a human drains the deadly fire. Byron is almost out of control when he admits he needs to find a human to share their lives. With Callum’s help, Byron finds the perfect human, a female both men find irresistible. Convincing her that they want her to become their mate is harder than either of them expected. Why is she reluctant to mate with the dragon riders when it is obvious that she is attracted to them?

Mira is an independent woman and proud of it. Her mother fell in love with a dragon rider and it ruined her life when he rejected her. When Mira saw how badly the dragon rider used her mother, Mira swore never to allow herself to fall for a dragon rider. When Byron and Callum approach Mira, her first reaction is to refuse them, but something about them calls to her. Mira, afraid that she will be hurt like her mother, refuses to bond with them to help Byron control his fire. Can Byron and Callum convince her that they offer her love and are not like the dragon rider who abused her mother?

In the first book of the Fire Riders series, Mechele Armstrong introduces the reader to a group of warriors who become dragons at night. Rival dragons from Wardona attack Eastania and war is declared. If a warrior cannot control his fire, he is a danger to the other dragon riders and Eastania. Byron knows he needs Mira and will do everything in his power to convince her that she belongs with him and Callum. Ms. Armstrong takes the reader along on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Mira comes to terms with her inner demons and allows herself to fall in love with the very beings responsible for her mother’s downfall. Can Mira tame Byron’s fire while she finds love with two dragons?