Review: Highland Vampire by Suz deMello

Natalie Desmond is running from her ruthless family when she finds Kilburn Castle. Natalie is surprised to find herself the only guest until she learns the castle is the home of a deadly vampire. It is also the home to Garrett Kilburn, a very sexy man. First impressions aren’t everything as Natalie learns when the unfriendly man turns out to be very friendly and fantastic in bed. But at night Natalie finds she has another in her bed, one who leaves behind two wounds on her neck.

Vampires are unique in many way. They can be good, bad or just there. The Highland Vampire appears in many different ways. It will be up to the reader to decide which category is for this vampire. An excellent short story, Suz DeMello will bring you through many emotions, from passionate heat to cold dread. Truly engaging with a few surprises, be sure and pick up Highland Vampire by Suz deMello.