Review: In the Red by Kari Gregg

As a forensic accountant, Brian Foster’s talent at finding patterns was quickly making him a valuable asset to the FBI’s Terrorism Financing Operations Section.  All that changed when Brian was kidnapped, questioned and left for dead.  Scarred by his captivity, Brian retires to the mountains of Maryland where he lives a secluded life surrounded by guns and bright lights.  The case he was working on when he disappeared needs solving now and the FBI needs their star back. Brian, though, may never be ready to return.

Special Agent Zachary Murdock is given the task of trying to get Brian back on the job.  It is felt that focusing on work will leave him no time to wallow in his paranoia and neuroses.   As Zachary attempts to push Brian, he finds that Brian becomes increasingly unstable.  However, he also discovers a few kinks in Brian that may be the key to keeping him focused and productive.  With personal and professional lines blurred, Zachary is not sure of anything, except they are in the red now.

Your heart will go out to Brian who is barely functioning after the torture he endured while a captive.  Zachary discovers an unusual way to reach him but he finds his dealings with Brian becoming more and more personal and less professional.  The two do find a balance that makes Brian functional but old terrors are not done with him. Brian and Zachary need each other to face the future.

In the Red will touch your emotions and have you rooting for a happy ending for this unusual couple.  With a realistic plot and two heroes sharing control, In the Red will have you reading into the night until you have finished.  You will fall in love with Brian and Zachaery and hope for more.  In the Red by Kari Gregg – excitement, heat and surprises – what more could you want!