Review: Perfectly Imperfect by Joan Chandler

Ali Baker has been a woman on a mission trying to lose weight, but a plateau has her seeking out a gym to help finish shedding the wait.  When she literally bumps into British Daniel Wells, her insecurities kick in especially when the contents of her bag is strewed all over revealing some very personal items.  As if the day was not hard enough, she finds out the at the Daniel is one of the trainers.

Daniel doesn’t know what it is about Ali, but he likes her a lot.  He gives no thought to her size, only encouraging her to reach the goals she has set for herself.  As they begin to act on the attraction they feel for one another, Ali finds out that Daniel has not been completely forthcoming about himself.  Daniel has to prove to Ali that he is working a chance on.

I felt for Ali, I thought her struggles with her weight and the insecurities associated were realistic.  I also liked that Daniel was willing to accept her as she is, for him it was more about who she is than her appearance which turned this into an intriguing story.  A wonderful read to kick off the new year.