Review: Queen’s Surrender by Nadia Aidan

Queen Sumatra of Amazonia wanted no other than Adaire, the overly confident, overly sexy man who served as her acquirer.  He could bring her servants, concubines, even breeders, but he would not, could not give himself to her.

Adaire wanted his queen, has loved her for so long.  But he knew that she would not willingly submit to him and he would have her no other way.  In Amazonia, men lived to please women, not the other way around, and when one is queen, it would be beneath her to serve him – wouldn’t it?  Who will win in this (potential) lover’s game?

This short story packs a lot in – passion, sorrow and joy.  Ms. Aidan does a good job conveying heart-felt emotion in her characters and storyline.  You’ll come out a winner when you surrender yourself to Queen’s Surrender.