Review: Reckless Assignation by Denysé Bridger

Though the story takes place at Halloween, the spooky and thoroughly described setting would be the same any time of the year and is a great place for the hero to make several personal points to his girlfriend. Denysé Bridger combines three genres to make her tale not only entertaining but highly sensual.

Since Rick Leighton has been working hard in the field of espionage, he is ready to enjoy himself with his girlfriend, Cindi Bradley. Using an abandoned and much neglected hotel, he has set in motion a plan to teach her two important facts. He knows her inquisitive mind may get her in trouble one day, so Rick wants Cindi to realize she needs to be more careful before jumping into a situation. However, just as significant to him is demonstrating how the addition of a little more spice to their lovemaking could be extremely pleasurable for not only him but also her.

When Cindi arrives at the Mayfair hotel, she is not certain whom she will be meeting. The place is creepy and is supposedly haunted, but it does not stop her from entering. Upon discovering Rick, she learns he has a number of shocking revelations for her. What they did not know is his worries about the many enemies he has made during his long career is about to become a reality.

While RECKLESS ASSIGNATION starts out in an unnerving way for the heroine, it quickly turns into a night of unforgettable passion. Cindi is rather inexperienced when it comes to making love to Rick, and he thinks their relationship can be even more satisfying. Although there have been quite a few women in his life, none have mattered to him until he let the daughter of his mentor become the first female he has actually loved. Now he wants to expose her to more lusty sex play while still conveying his compassionate side. The meticulous details he plans for her to enjoy had me smiling, as he incorporated her love of scary movies in with his plan to show her just how much sexual fun they can have together. If something did not go quite as Rick had intended, he smoothly made the situation comfortable for Cindi. Neither of them holds back on vocalizing how they feel for the other, and I liked how this let me know that each new set of circumstances was enjoyable for them both. The sex is steamy between Rick and Cindi as they learn about what pleases each other, and he enthusiastically tries out various new approaches to bringing her fulfillment. A surprising and definitely suspenseful incident also takes place on the same night, and there is an interesting supernatural aspect involved. Denysé Bridger has created an engaging plus very sexy story. RECKLESS ASSIGNATION has numerous sizzling sexual encounters and a likable couple.