Review: Reckless Seduction by Amanda Young

Amanda Young has done it again.  Reckless Seduction is absolutely magnificent.  The characters are real and interesting, while being hot and seductive.  The heat that these characters produce is amazingly scorching.  This is the kind of book that must be read in one sitting with a bucket of ice and plenty of towels.  There is no doubt that this novel deserves five stars.

Cody is nineteen years old and has a crush on his uncle’s best friend, Dante.  When he finds an invitation to his uncle’s gay men’s club Halloween party, he finally has a chance to try and get noticed by Dante.  After an explosive encounter, Dante panics and runs.  Cody refuses to let the man he lusts after go.  Another attempt at seduction is a must.  This time he refuses to let Dante escape him.

Amanda Young is a genius when it comes to writing erotic romances.  This is a beautiful story that is also very, very hot.  As an avid fan of the M/M genre, Amanda Young has created a work of pure genius.  I can not wait to read more of Ms. Young’s work.  Hopefully we will also get to read more about Cody and Dante as well.

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