Review: Red and the Wolf By Evangeline Anderson

Evangeline Anderson has always had a way with words. Her characters are intense and strong, but also sympathetic and caring. In Red and the Wolf, we have a clear example of the perfection that is Ms. Anderson’s writing. This is a unique story full of all of the very best paranormal elements and eroticism. The sex is sweaty, raw and intense. The romance is quickfire like lightening. Combined this blend forms a five star masterpiece.

Sara is considered to be a witch by the town she lives in. Her own family disowned her because of her “weirdness”. The only people who ever stood by her were her mentor and her brother and his best friend. When her brother dies in Iraq, his best friend Reeve, returns injured and cursed. His curse transforms him into a wolf during the full moon. After landing on Sara’s door looking for a cure, the intense chemistry between these two individuals erupts into pulse, pounding sex that helps to withstand the change for one night. If Sara is given a chance she will be able to break Reeve’s curse, but in the process she may loose the man she has to come to love.

Red and the Wolf is a hot, hot, hot read. With a sexy blend of innocence and lust combine with passion and intensity, the sparks fly. Evangeline Anderson has truly proven herself to be a gifted and talented author. As a reader, one go through will not be enough. I can not wait to read more books from this superior author.