Review: Rendering of Souls by William Maltese

Magician Delimar-Gloo lives in the Maridian Cave Complex. Magic is dying and Delimar-Gloo uses more science every day to satisfy the people who come to him for help. The Magician even creates an automaton head he calls Gillium Head to satisfy his sexual needs. Delimar-Gloo is old and he yearns to have sex with a live partner once more before he dies. A young man who wants to become the Magician’s apprentice comes to the Maridian Cave Complex. Delimar-Gloo agrees to teach him in exchange for sex. The young man agrees.

A warrior race called the Dallin-De destroys Glynen Gaval’s life. He wants revenge. His father told him about a candle in the shape of a huge phallus created by Delimar-Gloo that was responsible for the deaths of the warrior King Luuk Riin and his lover, Marl Bas. Glynen wants to learn how to make a deadly candle like that to kill Dabu-Pol, the leader of the Dallin-De. He goes to the Maridian Cave Complex and asks Delimar-Gloo to teach him magic. Glynen agrees to Delimar-Gloo’s terms and begins his education.

In a story from the Scared Stiff anthology, William Maltese fills the pages of his book with lots of humor, warriors, magic and hot sex. Just when the reader things he/she knows what the story is about, the plot changes. The ending will send chills down your spine. Will Glynen get his revenge?

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  1. 😛 Thanks Candy! In that I’m always delighted to run across (not literally, of course), a reviewer who actually “gets” this tale of magic, warriors, hot sex, and humor. A lot of the time, it just goes over their heads.

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