Review: Sandwich Play By Brigit Zahara

Sandwich Play is a perfect afternoon snack for any reader. There is a paranormal twist to this erotic story that makes the menage relationship truly stand out. When we are first introduced to these characters, we can already envision the sensuality and passion that this story will unleash. Brigit Zahara has definitely written a story that will make the heart pound and the blood sizzle.

Trisha Sutton is a widowed police officer. Her life is pretty lonely until she walks into a local convenience store one night and runs into two hunks from her days in high school. Back then she was too shy to tell the men that she was interested in them. Now, if the looks they are giving her are any indication, they would be more than happy to make up for lost time. Nazz and Pasquale have a secret of their own. While they both want Trisha in their bed, their is a little more to them than meets the eye. When passion is unleashed, a few secrets are bound to come out.

Sandwich Play is beautifully written. It is sensuous and steamy without being tacky and over done. The characters are exciting and full of life and make you want to keep reading long after the story is finished. This is a novella worthy of 4 stars. I can not wait to read more from this brilliant author.