Review: Seeds of Desire by Karenna Colcroft

Cassidy Shelton is fighting off the fantasies she has been conjuring up of Jared Jackson who, outside of a fantastic body and face, irritates the hell out of her with his smug attitude.   Stuck in a small town, the only thing separating them is their motel room walls and Jared is finally trying to make it known that he wants to be with Cassidy, but Cassidy is not buying it.

Interesting premise for Seeds of Desire, you have Cassidy an environmental consultant and Jared the son of the owner of the company they both work for.  Cassidy has a chip on her shoulder about Jared and when he begins questioning the reasons, she finally has to begin to look inward at herself and admit to making some assumptions about the man who is wearing his heart on his sleeve.  I thought there was an endearing quality to Jared who has carried a torch for Cassidy, you really feel for him when he reveals his feelings.

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