Review: Spaced Out For Love: Book 1: Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn

Rojan Ja’Dar is a pirate who spends his time buying and selling cargo for a living. A big man, he answers to no one and no one questions him. On a planet dropping off cargo, Rojan notices a human pet for sale at an auction house. He can’t help but notice how intriguing this pet is and, breaking his usual rules, he buys him. Back on board, Rojan has discovered that he has bought his mate. Tyion does not understand this whole pet thing and fights Rojan every step of the way. He has never been a slave before and will not be one now. Rojan has to work hard to convince Tyion that he is more than just a pet, no matter what the outside world will think. Then, Rojan realizes that someone is after his mate and he will stop at nothing to protect him.

Rojan was a big tough guy but for Tyion, he could be many things. He wanted his mate happy and was willing to do some things for him but he would never release him. Tyion is not sure what to think but Rojan does excite him. The two together ignite the story and make for some hot reading. The next story should be just as hot. Slave Auction is one story guaranteed to ignite the reader and leave you anxiously awaiting the next story.  Spaced Out for Love promises to an exciting, incendiary series.