Review: Tall, Dark and Dominant 3: Legally Binding by Reese Gabriel

Kat Cartwell is a lawyer who needs a vacation. All she wants to do is sit in the sun, catch up with the latest law journals, and relax. A handsome man spots her and tries to ask her for a date. Kat rejects him. When Kat goes to dinner that night, he comes to her table. Kat finds him attractive and allows him to have dinner with her. They begin to talk about submissive fantasies. Something about him makes her want to explore her submissive side with him, so she agrees to one night as his slave. The experience is better than she expected and it scares her. The next morning Kat checks out and runs back home. Will Kat ignore what happened on vacation?

Julian Morrell is looking for a submissive to enjoy while on vacation with no strings attached. He spots a beautiful woman on the beach (Kat) who would be perfect, but she says that she is not interested. Julian wants Kat and pulls a few strings so he can share her dinner table. As they talk, Julian is sure Kat would make a perfect submissive. He convinces Kat to give him one night to prove to her that she wants to be dominated. Their night together is better than Julian anticipated and he looks forward to spending more time with Kat. Julian’s plans are destroyed when Kat quickly leaves the hotel. He will not let her go so easily. Julian tracks Kat down to her law office. Julian’s company offers to hire Kat’s law firm, but only if Kat Cartwell is their lawyer. Kat goes to meet her new client and cannot believe that it is Julian. Can Julian convince Kat that he wants more from her than what they shared on vacation?

In the third book of the Tall, Dark and Dominant series, Reese Gabriel introduces a female workaholic, forced to take time off to relax. Even on vacation Kat’s mind is still on her job until she meets Julian. Kat’s introduction into submission is beautifully written. The reader can feel her inner struggle to accept the fact that she wants Julian to dominate her. Kat is afraid to give up her freedom and fears that Julian will want to take control of her outside the bedroom. Julian did not intend to fall in love, but Kat got under his skin. He is willing to do anything to have her in his life. Will Kat agree to let Julian dominate her again?