Review: Wolf-bound: Unfamiliar Territory by Rachel Bo

Unfamiliar Territory is a sensual, passionate book that brings us plenty of drama and paranormal wonder. Rachel Bo is a brilliant author and her stories are always well crafted and super hot. The characters are complex and unique and the chemistry between all of them is sizzling. This is the kind of book that you need to read with a cold glass of water and plenty of cool air. This is a passionate burst of fresh writing. Definitely a must read novel deserving of 5 stars and multiple reads.

Jenny is in love with her two husbands Damien and Devlin, both of whom are also wolves. She is pregnant with their twins and happy to be with them. When Jacob comes to town, her happiness is shattered. Jacob is a rogue wyer. Jenny’s husbands know that rogues need to be put down before they hurt others but Jenny thinks he can be saved. She will do whatever she can for this new man in her life. What she doesn’t expect is the attraction that flares between them. Pregnant with twins and already married, Jenny is about to learn that sometimes life is willing to add more love to our lives. But danger is following Jacob and he will do whatever he has to in order to protect his new family.

Rachel Bo has crafted a truly brilliant erotic paranormal romance. The writing is fresh and the new take on paranormal topics makes this one of the top reads in the genre. Without a doubt this is a book that will be enjoyed over and over again. I can only hope that Ms. Bo has more in store for us in this brilliant series of stories. I look forward to whatever else she has coming next.