Wednesday Nights With Jamie by Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Lyla Lassiter’s mother loves to complain about everything that makes her daughter who she is: her appearance, her job, and her lovers. Mrs. Lassiter is also a bigot. Lyla would love to have a relationship with her boss, Jamie Donlon. Jamie is black. Her mother would make her life hell if she ever found out. Jamie is unaware of how Lyla feels. On Wednesday nights, however, Lyla acts out her secret fantasy: making love to Jamie. She dresses sexy, eats chocolates, and drinks fine wine to set the scene. Lyla has a night of hot sex with her favorite vibrator, Jamie-2, named for the man she desires. When Lyla’s sister goes into labor, Lyla is supposed to get her to the hospital. Lyla’s car, however, has a flat tire. Jamie offers to drive Lyla and her sister to the hospital. Lyla’s life changes forever.

Jamie Donlon is the broker-owner of Macklin Real Estate. He is attracted to Lyla Lassiter, but never acted on his desire. One evening Jamie discovers the usually calm Lyla Lassiter falling apart in the parking lot. He learns that Lyla’s sister is about to give birth, so Jamie offers to play driver. After surviving a meeting with Lyla’s racist mother, Jamie decides to declare his feelings for the beautiful white woman. He soon learns that he is the object of her weekly fantasies. A whole world of possibilities opens up to Jamie and Lyla.

Daisy Dexter Dobbs brings two people together with a large slice of her usual humor. Adding spice to the story is an interracial subplot. Lyla’s mother is a vicious harpy, but Jamie’s mother has her own racist issues with her son dating a white woman. In spite of their parents, Lyla and Jamie fall in love. Their bedroom antics are loaded with funny interludes of sexual exploration that will thrill every reader. The complexities of their relationship are vividly real. I really enjoyed this story!